Growing Nowhere Catalunya

Collaborative Art Project in Catalunya


Growing Nowhere is an art retreat that took place at the Can Pipirimosca farm in Catalunya in the autumn of 2009, as a collaborative art project for Nowhere artists, who experienced a week of collaborative workshops before engaging in a series of environmental art installations and performances at the end of the retreat.

As active participants to the project and to the retreat itself, we gifted to the group a multi-author blog, offering also a quick workshop/tutorial to all the participants to the retreat, so they could have register as authors and manage the WordPress content management system to keep track of their individual experience and project.

The Growing Nowhere blog, meant to exist only to document the collaborative art project, is now closed since the end of the art retreat – it has been updated in 2011 with the full documentary that recorded the collaborative experience.

Year: 2009-2012




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