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Game App for Africa Charity


iPad4Africa is a gift economy project conceived by the GSI team with the goal to create an iPad app designed for kids that can raise awareness on the critical and precarious conditions of children’s education in Africa. The idea is to create the app, and channel ALL the sales income to a number of NGOs who operate every day in Africa in support of children’s education – some building schools, some other providing meals, other providing education in local rural communities.

GSI got a few partners involved in the first steps of the project start-up but unfortunatel, not everyone believe in full gift economy, so the project stalled for a couple of years, even if the game development was already well under way.

GSI is very passionate about the project, and will not let all those NGOs and their children down, so we are planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign this year to raise the money necessary to finalize and launch the charity app, so to start raising money to achieve our dream to support Africa through gift economy.

Do you want to help and be part of this amazing gift economy project? Get in touch with us, we need some interactive design, UI design and app development support!

Year: 2011-2015-ongoing
Web: iPad4Africa website