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Orwell Monegros Project

Land Art dedicated to George Orwell


The Orwell Monegros Project is a land art installation project dedicated to George Orwell in the 80th anniversary of the writer’s engagement in the Spanish Civil War, fighting for freedom and against the rising fascism regime. George Orwell fought mostly in Aragon (north of Spain) and in particular in the region of Monegros, where the Orwell Trenches (Ruta Orwell) are now an historical landmark.

While Massimo Burgio (as his art alter ego Burningmax) took care of all the “arty” stuff (that included also a secondary 25mt long site-specific installation for the CDAN Museum in Huesca, dedicated to land art), Truly Social designed the project website and blog, and launched a strong international online PR campaign with press releases in English, Spanish and Italian.

Year: 2014-2017
Web: Orwell Monegros Project website

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