Growing Nowhere Monegros

Gift Economy Cultural Project in The Monegros


Growing Nowhere is a gift economy project we run in The Monegros region, where the Nowhere burners gathering take place since more than 10 years. Inspired only in the naming by the original Growing Nowhere event in Catalunya we took part to a few years ago, the Growing Nowhere Project is a strictly local project of artistic and cultural interaction with the community of the Monegros region.

Among the many local projects carried out by Growing Nowhere in the Monegros there are artists exchange and art placement projects, the creation of an artist residency in Sariñena (Monegros, Spain), and an environmental project focused on sustainability in the Monegros. And of course a website/blog, to keep track of all the project updates in English and Spanish languages. The project is now closed, but the websites live in our archives.

Year: 2013-2017
Web: Growing Nowhere Site



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