Temple of Transition

Temple Project for Burning Man 2011



Being part of the Temple Crew who built the Temple of Transition at Burning Man 2011 is still today one of the most amazing projects we got engaged with. Not only we have been on site for the build of the Temple, but we have participated in the several initiatives related with the project: from social media engagement on social networks to the very successful online crowdfunding campaigns that helped raise the funds necessary to create the big scale project.

For more info on the project please read our blog post Social Fundraising: How to Fund Culture and the Arts with Social Media, that features the Temple of Transition project as a case-history for the classes of Online Fundraising at the DECA Master, the Master of Law and Economy for Culture and the Arts of the Nuoro University. Since the IAM website has been down for some times, we put a link on a Temple of Transition photo gallery on Google Images.


Year: 2011
Web: Temple of Transition at BM 2011



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